"A thousand miles from any habitation," Saint-Exupèry would have said.
Even if that isn’t entirely the case, spending time in an isolated shepherd’s hut at the summit of a mountain may well raise some questions.
Below, you will find some of the most frequently asked.

Not at this time. Perhaps someday solar panels will be installed when they can be entirely integrated into the surrounding nature.
With a wood-burning fireplace.
Several springs have been redirected to the buron by an ancestral so-called “Belier” system which feeds the kitchen and bathroom faucets.
Yes, that is perhaps the greatest luxury of the buron.
The kitchen is equipped with a 2-burner gas stove and a gas refrigerator. Grilling is done mainly outdoors or in the fireplace.
Yes, sheets, towels, and dishtowels are provided.
The welcome in Nierevèze, the delivery of your personal effects by 4X4, the introduction to the buron, various walks and hikes in the region with or without a guide, linens, (sheets, towels, and dish towels), firewood, and candles.
A selection of some of our best local products for 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners. Example: steak or ribs, sausages, aligot, truffade, (a potato and cheese specialty), stuffed cabbage, “pounty”, fresh salad and vegetables, a cheese plate, fruit, cake… and wine. We can also provide special vegetarian or even macrobiotic menus.
This concerns mainly the cows. The Salers and Aubrac breeds are known to be somewhat on the wild side and cows and dogs don’t exactly make easy friends. Some trails may pass through pastures and may be off limits to dogs. The use of a leash is highly recommended and, during certain periods in the summer, the herds come close to the buron. Hamsters in cages are most welcome.
The Buron de Niercombe is a member of Association Nattitude which acts as an umbrella organization for ecologically minded businesses in the Auvergne region. The restoration of the buron was accomplished with a profound respect for ancestral methods and with traditional materials. Our cleaning products are natural. We try our best to limit the use of non-recyclable containers and our waste is separated and recycled.